There’s no honeymoon like a Kim Kardashian honeymoon, because Kim Kardashian never has to stop being on her honeymoon. Today she started posting pictures of her relaxing beach vacation in Mexico, and they’re sort of about the view and the sun, but mostly they’re about her tan, her tiny white bikini, and her mons pubis, which is right in the middle of all her pictures.

It looks like Kardashian is actually trying to jump on the hot dog legs meme that turned up last summer and is apparently still going strong. As vacation photos go, though, these lack the idyllic charm of Beyoncé‘s vacation photos with Blue Ivy, and they are not quite as well composed as Lea Michele‘s recent photos of her butt on vacation in Hawaii. (Michele has really mastered the “vacation photo that is really about my butt in a bikini” genre.)

“Tan time,” Kardashian captioned the second picture. Somewhere out there, North West is perfecting her little baby side-eye.

“No better place to be…Thank you Joe Francis!!!!#CasaAramara #PuntaMita,” Kim captioned the last photo.

Joe Francis? Oh dear. Casa Aramara is a private, seaside estate in Punta Mita, Mexico, that is “available for rent by an elite clientele.” It costs $15,000-$30,000 a night, with a minimum 5-night stay, and those prices do not include tax, the service charge, or alcoholic beverages.

Sure, that’s four years of room, board, and tuition at the university of your choice, but what’s $200,000 when you can spend a week at the house that Girls Gone Wild built. Nothing says “elite and discerning” like that.

(Photos: Instagram/Kim Kardashian)