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Kim Kardashian’s long-awaited Vogue cover caused such a loud backlash that Anna Wintour found herself scrambling to defend the choice of a reality TV star as cover model, but Kim says she actually had no idea it was happening.

Talking to Seth Meyers last night, she said that while she knew the Vogue shoot was taking place, obviously, she did not know that it was a possibility for the cover. That seems disingenuous to us, as Kanye’s been talking about having her on the cover of Vogue for a year. But Kim maintains her façade of bewildered gratitude, saying how honored she was to be on the cover and how difficult it was to keep the shoot a secret.

Keeping the Vogue shoot a secret was key, because if word had gotten out then she definitely would not have been in the running for the cover. (Point of order: Word totally got out. We reported that she was shooting for Vogue’s cover back at the beginning of February.)

Even the editors had to be secretive, and Meyers pulled out a photo of Hamish Bowles and Grace Coddington at the shoot in super incognito mode. Bowles is wearing dark glasses and Kanye’s gray hoodie, and Grace Coddington had to go with dark glasses, a scarf around her head to cover her giant, famous red hair, and a massive cowboy hat.

There are few instances where a giant cowboy hat counts as a disguise, but when you’re Grace Coddington, it’s certainly less noticeable than your hair.

But their presence certainly puts the lie to all the Twitter wailing about how Grace Coddington must be shocked and appalled that Kim was on the cover. She clearly wasn’t, if she was there at the shoot.

While we totally do not believe that Kim did not think there was a chance at her shoot winding up on the cover, we were amused to hear that she uses Kanye as an excuse to get out of things she doesn’t want to do.

She managed to keep the Vogue shoot a secret from her sisters by saying, “Oh, Kanye is shooting something and it’s a big secret.”

“I just sort of blamed it all on him,” she said.

“I bet when anything suspicious goes down, you can just sort of blame it all on Kanye,” Meyers said.

Kanye is the perfect excuse, Kim agreed:

“Any time I don’t want to work with someone, I just go (apologetic shrug) Kanye!”

(Video: YouTube, Late Night With Seth Meyers)