Kim Kardashian French Elle Cover 2015

Kim Kardashian may have recently ditched her platinum blonde hair for her more natural black tresses, but Malfoy Kardashian has been immortalized on the cover of Elle France. (We also can’t forget about the Kim’s countless selfies and Paris Fashion Week paparazzi photos.) And Kim looks more like a sexy Malfoy than ever.

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Kim does her best Draco Malfoy impression on the magazine cover. She is wearing a black Balmain crop top, sleeveless jacket and shorts for a sexy spin on a menswear look. The photo was taken after Kim’s second blonde makeover because her hair is a very pale white blonde shade. Her locks are styled in loose bedhead waves and she has a subtle “no makeup” look.

Draco Malfoy Hug GIF

(Via Tumblr)

The white hair and black outfit make Kim look like Draco (Tom Felton) more than ever. Kim has even mastered Draco’s pouty face, albeit Kim has on a bit more lip liner than Draco does.

Lucius Draco GIF

(Via Tumblr)

There is also a definite Lucius Malfoy (Jason Isaacs) vibe to the photo. You can obviously see Draco but Kim’s longer hair makes me think of Lucius. Lucius also seems like the type who would love an oversized sleeveless jacket in place of a cloak. Of course he wouldn’t pair his with a crop top.

Check out Elle France to see more.

(Photo: Jan Welters/Elle France)