Kim Kardashian leaving her hotel in Miami

Oh, you. We’ll be brief: Kim Kardashian was leaving her hotel in Miami yesterday and the paps showed up. Probably because one of Kim’s entourage told them. Or Kim herself, because it’s not like she has anything to do between Instagramming herself making duckface and shilling for everything on the planet. Anyways, this is what she was wearing.

“Sure,” you might be saying to yourself, “This doesn’t really work but I’m not sure if it’s a full blown disaster.”

Well, you sound like a real even-keeled lady, but the devil is in the details:


Kim Kardashian leaving her hotel in Miami

First of all, the skirt is at least a full size too small and its gold zipper is pulling majorly.

Ugh, and then those white heels with gold padlocks.

But, the real kicker here is this:

Looks like you missed a button, Kim.

We pulled this shit in high school all the time–unbottoning our shirts too low because we thought it was chic and provocative. This has to be somewhere in the top 200 ways fashion magazines pollute the brains of innocent girls, top 250 for sure. Anyway, we thought it was a really good look. It’s not.

Also, this is a totally unfair personal bias and we’re not going to put it (entirely) on Kim: we hate gold. We’re definitely in the minority here, but we just think it looks bad, especially when you match your necklace to your cuff to your skirt zipper to your heel padlock.

(Photos via Wenn, PCN)