Kim Kardashian‘s style evolution is enough to give a person whiplash. Every once in a while the current Vogue cover girl turns up in something so gorgeous, directional, and surprising that we think she’s finally hit style icon status for real. But just as we start telling our friends, “No, really! Kim Kardashian dresses really well now!” she pulls a complete 180 and shows up in something ridiculous like a chain mail crop top. That happened just this week, and now we’re eating crow.

Earlier this week Kim Kardashian knocked us off our feet in a simple, silky, menswear-inspired tuxedo that was probably the sexiest we’ve ever seen her. We were all ready to put her on a pedestal next to Cate Blanchett. But today she Instagrammed a new picture with her mom, and in it she had turned the dial back to full Kardashian in a skin-tight, white Wes Gordon dress with a neckline so low and a hemline so high they nearly meet at her navel. This is the kind of look we would have expected from Kardashian three years ago, proving that her style evolution is still two steps forward, one step back.

As much as we don’t like this predictable, boring sexpot dress on Kardashian, we have to give credit to Kris Jenner for finally managing to upstage one of her daughters for once. This time she did it in an awkwardly fauxhemian Valentino dress from that boho collection that really only works on Zooey Deschanel. Maybe it’s the carefully styled hair, too-perfect makeup, or the doorknocker earrings, but this just seems like way too much look. The dress is wearing her, not the other way around.

(Photo: Instagram/KimKardashian)