Kim Kardashian has the wardrobe of a bona fide fashion icon. In the run up to her wedding to Kanye West, her fashion choices were noticeably high-end, even for someone who spent the last year marinating in Lanvin. Her bachelorette party dress was custom-made Balmain, she wore Valentino to brunch, and an utterly spectacular Maison Martin Margiela suit dress to her rehearsal dinner. And of course her entire immediate family, even the baby, wore Givenchy haute couture for the wedding. But now that the wedding of the century has wrapped, Kim Kardashian is going back to the roots of her brand: Nudity.

Just the other day she invited us to admire her mons pubis in a series of sexy bikini photos from her honeymoon at Joe Francis‘ estate in Mexico. (I will never get used to typing the phrase “Joe Francis’ estate.”) And today she is ready to reacquaint the world with her breasts at the Bonnaroo music festival in Tennessee.

“Oh hey 100,000 people! #Bonnaroo,” Kim and her breasts announced on her photo caption. Actually, she could have ammended that to “15,220,325 people,” because she also shared the pictures on Instagram.

Kim’s brick red lipstick looks great, and she is looking extremely tan in her pictures. That Mexico vacation must have paid off. But in the photo she’s wearing an outfit that is a big miss, and she’s had some huge misses in the past. Her white jeans are not the best choice for a music festival, unless she just plans on throwing them away in the morning, and she paired it with an extremely sheer white shirt over a flesh-colored T-shirt bra. The jacket is pretty cool, though.

This is actually a look we’ve seen from Kardashian a lot in the past. Wearing ugly bras as shirts is practically her signature style. Kim Kardashian actually spent most of the fall wearing bras as shirts, and not attractive bras, either. A lot of bras make excellent shirts and would look perfect layered under the sheer tops Kim favors. But this one does not appear to have been designed for show. It looks more like a basic, utilitarian T-shirt bra one would wear to prevent visible seam lines than the kind of showpiece that would display one’s breasts to their best and most fashionable advantage.

(Photo: Instagram/KimKardashian)