Nobody upstages Kim Kardashian. Showing up to a red carpet event and managing to snag attention from Kim Kardashian and her crazy outfits is like showing up on a movie set and upstaging Meryl Streep; it just doesn’t happen. Or at least that is what we thought until last night at a charity benefit for Generation NXT in New York, when Kim Kardashian brought both her boobs out in a sheer lace deep-V top and fur-sleeved coat and still managed to be completely upstaged by her own sister.

Kourtney Kardashian didn’t even have to show up naked or paint herself green to draw the spotlight last night. She just wore a nicely fitting ivory three-piece suit with giant, giant peaked lapels, and her hair was pinned back into a braided pompadour. Her hair actually looked really cute, and we are now pulling up YouTube tutorials to get the look ourselves. That has genuinely never happened with a Kardashian look before, not even for Halloween.

Kim made a few serious missteps last night that made it easier for Kourtney to stand out among the trio. Namely, Kim is wearing sheer black pantyhose–a mistake at any time–and she wore them with open toed shoes. We are all about wearing things that are conventionally considered don’t’s, but that will never extend to wearing sheer black nylons with strappy sandals.