Hello! Those are Kim Kardashian‘s breasts in all their substantial glory. We’ve seen them before, but they were looking particularly good and noticeable yesterday when Kim brought them out to take North West for a little stroll in New York.

Truly, Kim’s breasts are creatures of mystery. They emerge regularly, but unpredictably. This weekend she showed them off at Bonnaroo in a shirt made out of pantyhose. We thought she’d put them away for a little while and go back to some more high-fashion turtleneck crop tops, but yesterday little sister and actual runway model Kendall Jenner made headlines with a dress cut so high she flashed her whole pelvis, and then Kylie Jenner stepped out in an attention-grabbing, navel-grazing blue jumpsuit of her own.

That shall not stand. So now we get treated to an impressive display of Kardashiboob, and Kendall and Kylie get a lecture about showing up the boss.


Kardashian’s outfit is actually pretty good. She looks great doing the “sexy menswear” thing, and one cannot deny that her breasts look amazing. I mean, we knew Kim Kardashian had fantastic breasts, but in this top they appear to be defying gravity. They appear unsupported in her plunging blouse, and yet they float unencumbered, as though she were under water or in outer space. (And anyone who is still on the fence about the ASOS model with one boob shadow should take a look at Kardashian and see that can be an effect of the light angle.)

Also, Kardashian’s hair and makeup look kind of awesome, in an over-the-top, Barbarella sort of way. She looks like she’s all done up for a magazine editorial, but she’s just walking down the street pushing her baby in a carriage. It’s a whole lot of look–too much, maybe. But she’s a Kardashian. Her house words are, “Go big or go home.”

(Photos: PCN)