Kim Kardashian is feeling nostalgic for that Seinfeld episode where Elaine gives her beautiful, bra-eschewing friend a bra as a “hint, hint” gift, but is thwarted when the friend wears the bra as a top and stops even more traffic than before.

Kim Kardashian can certainly stop traffic on her own. She’s a beautiful woman with the kind of figure that would make the Pope do a double-take. But she has also decided that bras are shirts.

Last night Kardashian posted an Instagram picture with Kanye West, Cara Delevingne, and her right boob. Kardashian was wearing a plunging black bra under a sheer black shirt with a high-waisted sequined pencil skirt. Her cleavage looked like a bird diving beak-first into the ground, and it was not her best look.

I’m certainly not opposed to visible bras, especially not under black sheer tops, which I love more than anything except baby cows. It’s just that the cut of this particular bra and skirt do not seem optimally designed for that sort of wearing.

A special feat of underwire engineering allows the center of the bra to plunge below the bottom of the breast, and the high-waisted skirt means there’s not much space between either. Having the lines that close together across her body makes her look shorter, and the overall impression is just, “BOOBS!”

We’ve seen Kardashian’s breasts before—they’re pretty much her favorite accessory—but this is starting to feel like a trend. She went the same way just the day before yesterday in this Veronique Le Roy mesh top, Donna Karan skirt, Tom Ford heels, and Bottega Veneta clutch. In this case, though, the bra matched her skin tone to create a disconcerting Barbie effect, where something white and more supportive would have taken her in a better direction.

Wearing bras under completely transparent tops is apparently a thing Kim Kardashian is doing now. I don’t hate the look, but I definitely think it would work so much better if she picked some better bras for the job.

Via Instagram/KimKardashian