Kim Kardashian Thong Instagram Followers

What would you do if you reached a million followers on Instagram? Congratulate yourself for your clever use of filters and carefully-edited selfies over a glass of wine? How about 27 million? Would you post a quick video of you dancing? If you are Kim Kardashian, you celebrate getting 27 million followers on Instagram by posting a sexy photo of yourself wearing a thong, of course.

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In her “27 million thank you” pic Kim is wearing some type of monokini lingerie with red lace trim and a thong back. She is gazing at the camera and covering part of her face with her hand. Kim captioned the photo: “27 mil!!!!! Thank you so much!!!! I love you all!!!!!” She clearly knew she was going to hit 27 million followers and had the photo ready for the occasion. If you look closely, you can see that her hair is longer in the photo. This was before she got her “edgy Kate Moss” lob. She gets points for posting a thank you photo with also qualifies as a throwback photo on #TBT.

I wonder what Kim will do when she gets 28 million Instagram followers? She will definitely have to think of something massive for when she hits 30 million followers. Knowing Kim, she probably has enough sexy lingerie selfies ready for all the way up to when she hits 50 million Instagram followers. It’s just a matter of time before she gets to post them.

(Photo: Instagram/KimKardashian)