Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are on the cover of Vogue. WTF.

Kim Kardashian’s highly controversial Vogue cover has been selling very well, as we predicted. She’s on track to sell more copies than even Beyoncé and Michelle Obama, and it looks like she might be helping those numbers out a bit, because she was just spotted at a newsstand buying up an armload of copies of the issue.

According to E! Online, Kardashian was followed by little sister Kendall Jenner, who also picked up an armload of copies, along with a couple other magazines. In one photo Kardashian is touching a copy of Vogue that appears to have been set down in front of a pile of different magazines in the newsstand’s Entertainment section. It is unclear whether she is picking up mis-shelved copies of the magazine, or intentionally seeding other sections of the magazine rack with her Vogue issue. It is impossible to tell from the pictures, but I personally hope she was putting Vogue copies in front of stacks of other magazines throughout the stand, because that’s insane.

With Kim buying up armloads of her own issues, this cover suddenly seems like a pretty savvy move on everybody’s part. Vogue wants its sales numbers high, so putting a woman with the financial resources to just buy every damn copy on the streets on the cover is certain to inflate their figures just from the copies she buys alone. For Kim, buying up her copies means she will have plenty to give friends and relatives, with enough left over to have a few encased in gold.

Hell, this is Kimye we’re talking about, she’s probably going to have 10,000 covers encased in Lucite and used to tile the bathroom in her new Bel Air castle. She and Kanye have already spent nearly a million dollars on gold toilets. What’s another few hundred grand to have yourself immortalized in plastic so you can watch yourself while you pee?

(Photo: Vogue)