Kim Kardashian Black Plunging V Dress

Kim Kardashian posted a throwback photo on Instagram to celebrate her grandma MJ’s 80th birthday. I could be cynical and say that uploading anything online for your grandparents probably isn’t the best way to deliver any type of message, but let’s all remember that it is the thought that counts. Though I’m sure that Kim’s grandmother is actually really cool, and knows how to work a computer (unlike mine). Plus, if Kim hadn’t posted the message, we would not have another Kardashian throwback photo to add to our ever-increasing collection. (Uploading old photos for celebrations has become a Kardashian family tradition.) Take a look at the newest totally 80s picture:

Kim Kardashian Grandma Birthday Throwback Photo

The proper black-and-white photo (no filter here) was captioned:

“Happy 80th Birthday to my grandma MJ!!!! You have taught me so much about life! You are my idol!!! I can’t wait to celebrate with you!”

Aren’t they all so adorable in their matching black and white outfits? And can I point out how good Grandma MJ looks? She seriously could pass for Kris Jenner‘s sister in this photo. Those are some good genes.

Though Kim and Kourtney Kardashian look sweet with their near identical hairstyles, the best part of the photo is definitely Khloe Kardashian. Look at her face! I can’t decide whether her expression is blasé or traumatized about the whole outfit-coordinating situation. Though, it is still squee-inducing, regardless of what thoughts are going through her poor young mind. I feel like even though she is only a toddler, she has already realized that her family was, erm, eccentric. What makes the look even better are Khloe’s Shirley Temple curls and bow hair accessory. If Khloe’s hair didn’t change with age, why isn’t she showing off those gorgeous curls? Put down the straightener, girl.

Kris Jenner also did a commendable job of trying to upstage everyone by ignoring the black velvet blazer dress code, and choosing a sparkly lamé one. She also tried to take up most of the photograph, judging by the amount of teasing in her 80s hairstyle, compared with the rest of the girl’s. However, it still can’t compare to Khloe’s spiral curls. This throwback photo is just another reason why Khloe is everyone’s favorite Kardashian. (And proves Kris Jenner has always been an attention seeker.)

(Photos: WENN, Instagram/KimKardashian)