Kim Kardashian Black Plunging V Dress

If there’s one thing that Kim Kardashian has perfected, besides selfies and making gazillions of dollars, it is how to show off her boobs. Not even adorable North West can compete with the attention that Kim’s cleavage gets. I will concede that it is pretty easy for anyone who has a gravity-defying chest like Kim to make their cleavage look good, but whether you have large boobs, or smaller ones, there is a right way to show them off.

Here are 10 ways to show off your chest like Kim and keep things “klassy:”

1. Look for tops with interesting details.


A plunging neckline is probably enough to draw the eye south to your boobs, but you can never be too sure. Look for embellished necklines, or ones with unique details, like Kim’s 3D butterfly appliqué dress.

2. Invest in a very good double-sided stick tape.


The goal is to show off a bit of boob, not your entire areolae. That is not “klassy.” You can try a daring neckline, but make sure you use enough double-sided stick tape, to prevent a wardrobe malfunction.

3. Let your cleavage be the main focus.

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If you’re showing off your boobs, keep the rest of your outfit more demure. You want your chest to be focus, so don’t wear any thigh-baring skirts or low-back tops that would detract from it.

4. Try different necklines.

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Plunging necklines are a popular choice, but they’re not the only option. A wide square neckline enhances your boobs, like a good picture frame, and shows off some major side cleavage.

5. Don’t be afraid to flaunt your boobs and a bit of stomach.


 A sliver of stomach is the perfect complement to a low-cut neckline. Boobs and a hint of abs go together better than Kim and Kanye West‘s matching leather jackets. But remember #3, and keep your ample cleavage as the only focal point. Pair your crop top with a high-waisted skirt. There are no bellybuttons allowed.

6. Remember that low necklines aren’t the only option.

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Cutouts enhance cleavage just as well as boobalicious necklines. Kim’s asymmetrical slashed neckline is an unexpected choice. It’s also a good, if you feel like choosing a slightly more conservative option.

7. Choose a sheer top.Kim Kardashian Bonnaroo Sheer Top

A see-through top keeps you protected from the elements, but gets the cleavage enhancing job done. Just remember that you still have to wear a bra. This isn’t a “how to show off your nipples like Kim Kardashian” guide.

8. The more cleavage, the better. Kim Kardashian Celebrates Her Birthday At Tao Nightclub

Let’s get one very important thing straight: there is no such thing as too much cleavage in Kim Kardashian’s world. You can show side cleavage, under cleavage, whatever, as long as you don’t expose a nipple. Go big, or go home.

9. Wear a jacket to keep things chic.

Kim Kardashian icicle cutout

If you’re going for eye-popping cleavage, throw on a blazer and you will automatically look 67% more sophisticated. A black designer one, preferably Saint Laurent or Givenchy, would be the ideal choice.

10. Only do up half the buttons on your top.

Kim Kardashian Green Jumpsuit

This is a great, versatile option. Turn a demure top into a sexy one by unbuttoning  a button or two–or more, if the situation allows for it. If you’re a true Kardashian, the event will always call for more buttons to be undone.

(Photos: Getty Images, Pacific Coast News, WENN, Instagram/Kim Kardashian)