Kim Kardashian Elle

Earlier this week, we mentioned Kim Kardashian got a (comparatively) Fashion makeover when Mugler creative director Nicola Formichetti styled her for Elle. The subsequent editorial wasn’t very interesting–it starred Kim Kardashian in leopard print with big dumb pageant hair and too much makeup, ultimately–but we were disappointed, considering the involvement of Lady Gaga‘s stylist and collaborator.

Apparently, it’s not entirely his fault: Formichetti was limited in his resources. Per Elle:

Formichetti] admits that dressing Kardashian posed “a challenge” for him. “People wouldn’t lend me the clothes. But that’s fashion snobbery.”

Fashion snobbery? You mean like refusing to work with fat people, Mr. Formichetti? Or what about old people? Apparently only some forms of fashion snobbery are acceptable in Formichetti’s mind.

No matter. If we designed clothes, we wouldn’t want Kim Kardashian wearing them either.

Fun anecdote time! A long time ago we read that, back in his Gucci days, Tom Ford was super, super pissed that Victoria Beckham kept wearing his designs (of course). He was yelling at people, assistants, stylists, trying to find out how she’d procured them. In the end, Ford discovered she’d done it the old fashioned way: by walking into a Gucci boutique and buying them off the rack. He was bummed but couldn’t do anything about it.

Ford, PS, lent clothes to this very editorial.

(Photo from the March 2013 issue of Elle)