Remember how Kim Kardashian tweeted a photo of her Halloween costume as Poison Ivy and everyone was all like, “Oh, gosh, Kim Kardashian pushed her tits up to her chin and didn’t wear pants. I am aggressively unsurprised right now because that is how Kim Kardashian does Halloween.” (Sidenote: if you don’t believe me, there is plenty of proof here).

Well, it looks like Kim’s stab at Halloween attention whoring has backfired, because Dancing With The Stars‘ blonde personality Julianne Hough also opted for a green corset and some volumizing shampoo:

We guess it’s kind of unfair to say this is actually a slutty Halloween costume qua slutty Halloween costume, seeing as how almost every female comic book character is already wearing skintight latex and such, but still… it’s such an obvious choice. Wouldn’t it have blown your mind if Julianne dressed up as, say, Alfred E. Neuman? Or if Kim went as Maimonides?


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