kim kardashian and kanye west 231212

It’s Christmas Eve, which means the Adversary, Kim Kardashian, has only one week left in 2012 to dress up like a sexualized tween forced to catch ugly designer clothes Kanye West hurled at it. Here’s the latest.

Yesterday, the widely reviled couple were leaving Kung Pao Bistro in West Hollywood, and if you’re surprised that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West like shitty Asian fusion… you’re not very intuitive.

For their outing to a Chinese restaurant that serves “Garlic Butter Noodles with Shrimp” (sautéed with garlic, Parmesan cheese, oyster sauce, scallions) ($11), Kim selected a dress (we think) with a micro-mini bubble skirt. We don’t know how a full bubble can be forged in so little fabric, but Kim is almost certainly a witch, so we don’t ask questions. Also, since she is a Kardashian, she paired her tiny dress with thigh-high suede boots and a statement clutch. She dyed her darker recently, too, “for the winter” if you care.

In a rare moment where we’ve decided not to bag on Kim Kardashian for her every minor decision (/continued existence), we will give her small credit for not looking like she fell face-first into a MAC counter for once. In fact, it’s possible that she’s even just wearing some foundation, concealer, bronzer, gloss, mascara and something to define her eyebrows. Or, as the Kardashians call it, “nude.”

Oh, and as a very special Christmas eve present to you (even if you’re not into that sort of thing), here is Kanye’s Vest:

kim kardashian and kanye west 231212

Regard it, for it is magnificent. So are those drop-crotchy waxed jeans.

On a final note, there’s still a week left in 2012, so Kim could theoretically squeeze in seven more horrible outfits for 2012 if she decides to call the paparazzi to suppress any pangs from the gaping hole in herself. We can also buckle up for at least two spectacularly awful New Years outfits, so… sorry for lying in the headline, mainly.

(Photos via Wenn)