It’s a tough life for a bikini. One minute you’re the favorite swimwear of cool little Kylie Jenner and her easy-going ombré hair, and the next thing you know her much bustier sister Kim Kardashian has stolen you and forced you to contain assets you were never built for.

Kim Kardashian posted an extremely boobalicious Instagram selfie last night from Miami, where she decided to go for a swim at the Versace Mansion. For some reason, she decided that should be done in her 16-year-old sister Kylie Jenner’s teeny, tiny black cut-out bikini. That was an epically bad decision, on par with the one to wear a suit of Game of Thrones-inspired chainmail and a pair of giant panties to her store opening later that evening.

Kylie wears a much different size than Kim, and the poor bikini top does not exactly fit over Kim’s impressive, gorgeous, and quite sizable breasts. Kim didn’t seem to mind at all, though, and declared the bikini was so perfect she was keeping it.

“Yep stole Kylie’s bikini … she’s not getting it back,” said Kim over the high-pitched squeak of Spandex under pressure.

Kim is beautiful and her figure is incredible, but that teeny, tiny bikini just wasn’t made to handle all she has to offer. Kim might love the way she looks in it, but we think she looks like she’s about to shred out of it at any moment like Bruce Banner turning into the Hulk.

Don’t make Kim angry. You wouldn’t like Kim when she’s angry. Hrrarrgghh! *shred*

The suit doesn’t even look particularly comfortable. The bottoms look like they don’t quite cover her ass, and the straps appear to be cutting painfully into her hips. While the way-too-small bikini look is certainly sexy, Kim Kardadshian would look sexy in any bathing suit. She should have one of her designer friends send her something that actually fits.

Here is the same bikini, back in happier days when it belonged to Kylie:

(Photos: Instagram)