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Here is some very exciting news! A woman whose butt parts you have seen in detail and from every angle has exposed it again, and E! is just beside itself over the pictures. In fact, they began their post on the subject of a photo shoot featuring Kim Kardashian‘s naked butt with the following inspired lede: “(Insert numerous wide-eyed emoji faces here.).” Indeed.

Apparently, E! can’t “can’t help but be astounded by the new mom’s figure” in a photo shoot that Kardashian orchestrated on her family vacation in Thailand. Why isn’t anyone focusing on the fact that she set up a photo shoot while on vacation? She really is the hardest working woman in showbiz.

So here’s Kim K, bustling around Thailand with her family. Instead of relaxing and not famewhoring for like ten minutes, she found herself an unappealing thong swim suit (I seriously didn’t know they still made those) and slipped it onto her butt, and then called up some professional photographer to pose on the beach. E!’s right–it’s a good thing she has that pre-baby body back or else we’d all find her heinously disgusting. Thank the good lord that she beat motherhood once and for all.

To be perfectly honest, Kim Kardashian’s ass region isn’t exactly news, what with this butt photo, this additional butt photo (a victory over her pregnancy), and that whole sex tape that made her famous. We’ve seen the goods. Let’s all tone down the butt hysteria, okay?

If you are a victim of butt hysteria, click on over to E! to check out the sexxxxxxy butt pics.