Kim Kardashian takes baby North West to the Givenchy store in Paris

Another day, another article about Kim Kardashian‘s parenting style. This one comes to us from International Business Times, and it gets right down to international business. After conjecturing that Kim and Beyoncé must hate each other (because they don’t hang out a lot, and all women are inherently catty, of course), the article goes on to share some insight into the Kardashian-West household that actually seems like it… might be true. According to IBT,

[S]ources claim the newlywed also has strict rules when it comes to North’s wardrobe and her nannies’ proximity to her person when out in public. “Kim dresses her daughter in only neutral colors,” reads the report, adding, “Kim demands her posse walk behind her.”

My immediate reaction was to laugh out loud, but then it occurred to me: we’ve never seen a photo of North West wearing anything but white, black, gray, or tan. Either the pastels and primary colors only come out when she’s tucked away at home, or Nori is the most selective and fashion-forward baby in all of Hollywood.

north west

The latter seems kind of ridiculous, but would it be surprising? Not really. This is the offspring of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Not only can they afford thousands of onesies to replace any white or black ones that get covered with baby puke stains, but they’re some of the most talked-about fashion icons in recent history. Of course they would dress their baby like a Vogue spread. Of course they would. The way a stranger dresses her one-year-old couldn’t matter any less, but there’s something pretty funny about imagining Kim and Kanye making the executive decision to only clothe their baby in the sexiest of infant couture. Stars: they’re just like us.

Via IBT / Photos: Pacific Coast News, @kimkardashian