north-west-frozen3If you told me yesterday that North West had her own luggage, I would have believed you. I would have assumed it was Hermes or Louis Vuitton, and probably made out of an endangered species, but I would have believed you. What I would not have believed was that North West was lugging around a sparkly suitcase from the Disney Store like some kind of normal child, but she was just spotted doing that at the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris.

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North West and Kim Kardashian were walking through the airport on their way back from Paris Fashion Week, and while North is still in her Kimye-approved dark clothes and baby Doc Martens, she was also lugging a glitter-encrusted pastel suitcase with giant rhinestones and Anna and Elsa from Frozen on it. It seems like every child in the world is obsessed with Frozen right now, and celebrity babies are no different.


North seemed to love her colorful little suitcase so much she insisted on pulling it herself, which is adorable.


North’s specific bag is sold out at the Disney Store, but can still be found on Amazon at a markup. (Disney still has a slightly different model for sale for just $34.95)

This must be worrisome for Kanye, though. Thus far in her young life, North West has worn only fashionable neutrals and designer bulletproof vests, but the Frozen suitcase indicates she’s developing her own likes and dislikes, and as a toddler she might push back against her designer wardrobe and start demanding to dress herself. It seems like a big, poofy princess dress might be in North’s future sooner than her parents might think.

Photos: Marc Piasecki/GC Images/Getty Images, Amazon