Kim Kardashian Bathroom Selfie

Just days after leading the Internet in a selfie-taking master class, Kim Kardashian demonstrates her skills with the an old-school, “selfie in the bathroom mirror” shot at the American Airlines arena in Miami. Even though she’s wearing a very tiny dress that definitely leaves no room for underpants, we can barely focus on her outfit for a minute, because Kanye West‘s crazy eagle suit is commanding all our attention.

Kim Kardashian has been following Kanye around for this tour with their tiny baby North West, whom we have not seen in a long time. (Hint, hint, Kim. You cannot just have the world’s cutest baby and then keep showing us pictures of your butt. You have a very impressive butt, but we want to see the baby.) Before last night’s concert in Miami, she took the time to record a pre-show bathroom moment for posterity.

“Bathroom selfie right before Yeezus takes the stage,” she Tweeted.

Kim is definitely going commando under that super tight micro mini dress with the slashed sides, but even her sexpot outfit is being upstaged by Kanye’s crazy eagle suit. He looks like the side of a van.

Kanye might have been just about to take the stage, but he does not exactly looked excited. He’s always so dour looking. Dude, you are a kabillionaire with a hot fiancée, the world’s cutest baby, and a house full of gold-plated toilets. Cheer up already!

Via Grazia/Photo: Instagram/KimKardashian