kim kardashian and ciara filming keeping up with the kardashians

In just a few short years, Kim Kardashian has pulled off one of the most bewilderingly successful high-fashion makeovers we’ve ever seen. She used to be known for wearing lingerie and tacky bandage dresses, but then Kanye West started playing Henry Higgins to her Eliza Doolitle (mainly by throwing all her clothes away), and now every time we see her she’s wearing Givenchy and Lanvin. She’s even rumored to have finally gotten herself a Vogue cover. But just as we were forgetting who Kim Kardashian really is, she reminds us with a super sexy photoshoot for #throwbackthursday.

The photos, by Vijat Mohindra, are your typical pin-up arrangement. Kardashian wears a push-up bra, retro garter belt, fur stole, and copious pearl necklaces. She looks great, but it isn’t exactly boundary-pushing. Every indie pin-up model we know has done this exact shoot at least twice.


She looks fantastic, if unoriginal. Her boobs, of course, look great. But looking at these pictures is like looking at a vintage playboy from the 80s, even though the shoot is only from 2012.


Between the salmon and sand color scheme, weird silver furniture, satin curtains, and blown-out hair, Kim looks like she’s in a sex dream on Dynasty. We can only assume her character in this photo set is trying to seduce a very old man.