Kim Kardashian won yesterday’s #throwbackthursday with a boob-baring photo from her calendar girl days. She’s doing exactly nothing but it’s Kim Kardashian without a shirt on, so it’s particularly noteworthy.

Kardashian is sitting in a makeup chair, checking her blackberry while two men in very questionable get ups fuss around her. As People Magazine puts it:

But more importantly, she’s sitting cross-legged in a revealing black leather outfit, including knee-high boots, underwear, and a matching jacket that exposes her one breast.

But more importantly, indeed. Since she captioned it “#tbt calendar glam,” I wonder if this is from that episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians where Kim poses for a special sexy calendar with the intention of giving it to then boyfriend Reggie Bush as a present, because I guess he likes to keep his date planning organized and sexy. Things took not one but two twists: first, Bush walked in on the photo shoot and objected to Kim posing in such a sexy shoot, not knowing that just as he wanted, the intention was to keep Kardashian’s body all to himself (which seems like a losing game). I don’t remember if they resolved it or not, but she’s very much engaged to some other guy instead. The second big twist was that momager Kris Jenner found the calendar and assumed it was a business opportunity, and somehow managed to get them sold in newstands all around LA (or a well-placed one that Kim happened to stumble upon). I don’t remember how it resolved. It doesn’t matter.

Photos: WENN, Instagram