Kim Kardashian needs to learn that slips exist and stop trying to make visible bras and panties under sheer dresses happen. Last night after appearing on Late Night With Seth Meyers, she went out to dinner with Anna Wintour herself, and she wore this.

This is actually the same lace dress she wore on Meyers’ show, but it was harder to tell what was going on in that clip because she kept her arms folded across her stomach the whole time.

Sheer or openwork dresses are great, but the way Kim Kardashian keeps trying to just wear them over a big black bra and panties bums us out. Worn like this, the dress becomes less, “Look at this intricate scrollwork and beautiful craftsmanship” and more “Look at my underpants!”

Kim Kardashian asks us to look at her underpants a lot, but we’re still surprised she wore this to meet Anna Wintour for a dinner at the fancypants Waverly Inn. Anna Wintour is the most judgmental person in fashion, and she herself usually goes in for a very toned-down, buttoned-up, “old school fancy New York lady” look. We wonder what she made of Kim’s underpants.

paul rudd reactionBut hey, it’s not like Anna Wintour can take back that Vogue cover now, so Kim Kardashian should just go on with her bad self and wear whatever the hell she wants. Kim Kardashian is a Vogue cover girl, and there’s nothing Wintour can do about it.

(Photo: PCN, Giphy)