As we know from the Met Ball drama (but pretty much could have guessed) Anna Wintour is no fan of Kim Kardashian and thus, Kim will never land some breathless, generic Mario Testino-shot Vogue spread, no matter how ruthlessly she campaigns.

…Lucky for Kim, however, the Italian Voguerlove a good satirical fashion spread and aren’t afraid to cast D-Listers outright: L’Uomo Vogue (Italian Vogue for men) put a very Kris Jenner-looking Kim on its July cover.

And here’s the unsettling description:

The theme is “paparazzi” and it plays with both aspects of the pop culture icon’s life: fiction and reality. As a complement, there is an in-depth interview by Roberto Croci where Kim tells about herself, disclosing her heiress philosophy and talking about her day job, while also revealing some behind the scene facts on the American cult family. Kim is a woman with her dreams, hopes, concerns, and all sorts of fears.

A woman that is perfectly aware of her past as well as of her future, a heiress and an offspring of the American dream. And finally, a woman who carries a name that tells a dramatic story of war and genocide, but also of hopes and possibilities cultivated day by day, of smart intuitions, natural talent and much more.

Ugh, this whole “American dream/royalty” thing gives us Paris Hilton flashbacks.

Kim was shot by Francesco Carrozzini and you can see more of the spread at Vogue.It.