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In search of some nice, cool shade to sit in and read a book, and perhaps eat a sandwich? Look no further than Anna Wintour‘s latest (alleged) diss on Kim Kardashian, which contains enough shade for the entire African continent and some of South America, too.

According to Star Magazine, Anna Wintour pal/fashion darling Kanye West has been “begging” the Vampyre Queen of Fashion to put his pregnant girlfriend on the cover of American Vogue, but the Queen will hear nothing of it. While Anna has previously been reported to say Kim will go on the cover “over my dead body” (a little joke she has with herself, as she is immortal), she really went for the jugular this time (allegedly):

An insider said to Star that while Ms Wintour thinks Kayne is ‘terrific’, she declared Kim to be ‘the worst thing since socks and sandals’.

The Vampyre Anna Wintour does not like socks and sandals! They are right up there with crosses, garlic, and the Vampyre Justin Bieber (a nemesis of some thousand odd years for her). Between her epic Met Gala snub and this, some people think she’s being mean to Kim, but considering what she can do to a human being using only her cold, steely glare, I think she’s being quite lenient on Kim. She’s lucky she is Kanye West’s girlfriend, otherwise she’d be a protein shake by now.

For the record, I think socks and sandals can look pretty cute together when done correctly, and if anyone should be insulted by this statement of equivalency, it is them.


(Via The Daily Mail)

Photos: WENN, Style.com