kim kardashian kate middleton wedding dress

When Kanye West said his daughter North was just like Prince George, we figured he was just being Kanye. And when the Daily Mail matched up all of Kim Kardashian’s outfits next to those of the Duchess of Cambridge to prove that they were “style sisters,” we thought they were just taking the piss. But now rumors are circulating that Kim Kardashian wants Kate Middleton’s wedding dress.

The royal wedding dress by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen was gorgeous, of course. But it doesn’t really strike us as being Kim’s style.

kate middleton wedding dress

”Kim is absolutely obsessed with everything Kate and William do. She considers her own family ‘American Royalty’. Kim loves Kate’s style and while she is planning on several gowns for her big day, she wants the one for the ceremony to look something like Kate’s dress,” a “source” said to the International Business Times. “The brief is demure princess and she’ll also wear a tiara.”

While we are tickled pink by the idea of Kim Kardashian having a “brief” for her wedding, whenever we hear these stories from unnamed sources, we imagine some writer on deadline turning to the person in the next cubicle and saying, “What do you think of Jennifer Aniston?”

“She totally wants a baby!” says the sports writer in the next space, and her quote will appear as the next unnamed source in the magazine.

It does seem likely that Kim will wear multiple dresses and a tiara, though. Those just seem Kim-like.

From there, the source goes a bit off the rails and starts describing a “royal” theme wedding that would put Sean Parker’s Game of Thrones wedding to shame.

“They think it’d be really cool to have gold thrones to sit on during the reception,” the source said. “They’ve already got a Buckingham Palace-themed room in their new home, which they’re using as inspiration.”

Oh my god, I’ve never wanted to go anywhere as much in my life as I want to go to the Kardashian-West wedding. It sounds like Burning Man, but with crowns.

Via IBTimes/Photos: Wenn, Getty