507445945JL022_Cassandra_HuI can see the headlines already: “Kim Kardashian Has A Nip Slip” or “Kim Kardashian Exposes A Little Too Much In Black Onesie.” Kim definitely did suffer a wardrobe malfunction but it doesn’t involve exposing a nipple–this time. Nor is the problem that it looks like something took two bites out of her black jumpsuit.


Kim attended the VIOLET GREY & Cassandra Huysentruyt Grey Artist In Residence event and wore the aforementioned cutout jumpsuit. The plunging neckline revealed something that some tabloids will probably call her nipples. It’s an easy assumption considering she is wearing a low-cut neckline, and the jumpsuit offers only a bit more coverage than a triangle bikini top. But before they deem these photos NSFW, I think they need to take a look at things again. Let’s play detective.

There are clearly two darker, roundish things there, but I don’t think they are nipples. I am no certified Kim Kardashian boob expert, but I don’t think that is where her nipples are (or anyone’s) regardless of how much surgery she may or may not have had.


I thought the marks could be shadows, but they are visible in all photographs, and from different angles. They could be birthmarks, but we have plenty of photographic evidence of Kim’s boobs and have not noticed them before. I suspect this is a case of using your face concealer on your body to cover up a mark or blemish, and only realizing afterwards that it is the wrong shade. You know how different your body can be from your face, if you’ve ever made the mistake of matching your foundation shade with your hand and not your face.

Despite the mishap, I still think Kim looks great. She makes this sexy overall jumpsuit hybrid look wearable–and it shows off her killer abs. Her face makeup and hair are flawless, it’s just a shame that she had to use the wrong shade of concealer. Lesson learned for next time.

(Photos: Getty Images)