Kim Kardashian is getting married in Paris on May 24, and considering the way Kanye West’s over-the-top, multi-million dollar proposal broke the Internet, I genuinely cannot wait to see what Kimye does for this wedding. But of all the things that shocked me the most about the Kimye nuptuals, the top by far is the rumor that Kimye are going to wed in a knockoff castle.


Kimye reportedly scoped out Versailles as a wedding site, but even Kim and Kanye couldn’t make that happen. But they clearly have their eye set on something regal, so they’re looking at the resplendent Château Louis XIV, a stunning 17th century-ish French château in the île-de-France region. It is grand and beautiful and opulent, and totally fake. The castle was actually built between 2008 and 2011 by businessman Emad Khashoggi as a perfect knockoff of a 17th century French château with all the modern amenities.


According to E! Online, Kim and Kanye were seen at the castle over the weekend, and they are rumored to have been doing some last-minute wedding planning.

Nothing could make us love Kim Kardashian more than the rumors that she is getting married in a big, fake Versailles with its own moat, indoor nightclub, and freaky underwater glass moat room so you can hang out under the moat.

God, I wish I were going to this wedding.

Dear Kimye: I can be in Paris in three hours. Please invite me.

(Photos: PCN, Wikimedia Commons)