Kim Kardashian Throwback Christmas Photo

The holiday season is filled with lots of cuteness (and food, festivities and presents, but we like to focus on the cuteness.) There are adorable animals dressed up in their finest Christmas clothes and then there are sweet photos of kids. (Prince George in his festive holiday sweater was as good as an actual present.) We can’t forget about all of the squee-inducing Christmas photos of adult celebrities as kidsKim Kardashian posted a throwback photo on Instagram of her, Kourtney and Khloe as children, and it is squee-inducing.

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In the photo, Khloe, Kim and Kourtney are wearing matching blue outfits with Christmas trees on the front, and red-and-white candy cane sleeves. Kim has a jolly red bow in her hair, while Kourtney is rocking a very cool multi-colored hair piece. Little Khlo, isn’t wearing any hair accessories, which is perfectly fine, because it means we get to see her gorgeous curls. Kim and Khloe have already mastered posing for the camera, while Khloe still seems a bit uncertain about what exactly is going on. (We all know she’ll be a pro at it in no time.)

Kim posted the message to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, but it  would have made a brilliant Kardashian holiday card. If they don’t have time to coordinate an elaborate photo shoot for 2015’s Christmas card, a collage of old family photos would be a great idea.

(Photo: Instagram/KimKardashian)