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The last time we saw Kourtney Kardashian go out in public wearing a strange, billowy top was when she wore this barely-a-dress shirtdress. The looks on the faces of those girls behind her should tell you how we feel about that. This time, she decided to do some early morning shopping in Soho, wearing this bathrobe.

To be precise, she’s wearing a baby pink silk bathrobe, and what appear to be blue, lacy silk pajama shorts. Now, I don’t actually know if Kourtney was doing this shopping in the morning, but I do have a Philosophy degree. And I deduced that the shopping was done shortly after she woke up using these key pieces of evidence: 1. The creases in the shorts, consistent with someone who had recently been sleeping in them. 2. She is wearing a bathrobe.

Some people might be quick to call this another one of Kourtney’s fashion disasters. But not me, no sir. I see this as an opportunity for Kourtney to become a real role model, representing the lazy masses who just want to be accepted for their public pajama-wearing ways. Lord knows I am among them. But seriously, I don’t think it’s a huge deal, considering she’s definitely not the first celebrity to go outside in their bedclothes.

Actually, there’s only one thing that bothers me about this particular ensemble. Why the leopard blouse?? In my head, Kourtney K. wakes up and decides she just doesn’t feel like changing her clothes today. She’s about to leave the house, but then the guilty voice in her head goes off: “Kome on Kourtney, you kan’t do that! You’re a Kardashian!” (In my mind, in Kourtney’s mind, everything is spelled with a K.) So she decides to ONLY change her shirt. Why? If you’re gonna go pajama, you go pajama all the way. I expect more from her next time. And by more I mean less.