Kristen Wiig is a delightful and extremely funny actress,  but despite having excellent looks and the kind of figure that normally gets a woman Vogue covers, her fashion choices tend to be pretty disastrous. Last night she appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers in a gray and white smock with a sheer skirt that impeded her movement and made her look like she was protecting her nice clothes from a finger-painting mishap.

This was a particularly bad dress choice for an actress as physical as Wiig, because it did not let her move at all. The awkward sheer panel came up so high that Wiig had difficulty sitting down without flashing the audience and had to awkwardly pull her skirts down around her and tuck them under her legs. Throughout the interview, she kept having to fuss with her skirts to keep the in place, and it’s a bad dress that can distract a person from the wonderful Seth Meyers.

Wiig had barely gotten herself seated before she was reaching and waving and gesticulating like the A+ physical comedienne that she is, and this dress did not handle that well. Maybe January Jonesstunningly naked jumpsuit would have been a better choice for Wiig. Wiig actually looks really fantastic in a 70s-style pant, so we’d love to see her give the jumpsuit trend a try more often. We have a feeling they could do really well for her.

Her hair and makeup, however, are great. We love the messy texture of her choppy bob, and that blonde color is extremely flattering on her. Her skin looks bright and dewy, and we always love a bright red lip. Her performance game is as on-point as her beauty; now she just needs to find some clothes that will free her to do her thing, not shackle her to the chair in fear of mooning the audience.

(Photo: YouTube/Late Night With Seth Meyers)