We’ve taken a big step as a society and finally reached the release of the final Twilight movie–we can collectively sigh that this part of culture will soon become the past as Twihards grow up and get jobs and deal with the mounting guilt of naming their daughters fucking Renesme. Of course, no one seems as relieved as the films’ star, Kristen Stewart. After weathering a media shitstorm this year with an extremely high profile cheating scandal/possible shrewd publicity stunt, we suspect she’s eager to put the whole Twilight segment of her life behind her.

Anyway, she showed up at the LA premiere of Breaking Dawn: Part II We Still Can’t Believe They Squeezed Two Feature Length Films Out Of This Horseshit last night wearing Jennifer Lopez-favorite Zuhair Murad. Although we’ll bring you the full red carpet momentarily [UPDATE: here it is], we just wanted to ask: did she know her butt was showing? Did her stylist?

If not, we say: sorry, Kristen! It’s not your fault, you look lovely despite it. Also, unexpected total sheerness is like pit stains or visible powder–they happen to everyone and anyone who bags on you about it is a jerk.

If you did know, however: we say… nice butt.

(Photo via Wenn)