kristen stewart chanel

Kristen Stewart has officially been named the new face of Chanel, but the new face of Chanel is off to a really bad start.

The actress appeared with dozens of other bright, stylish young things at Chanel’s “Metiers d’Art” in Dallas last night, wearing a snug, crop top sweat shirt with a pair of wide-leg, drawstring, butterscotch leather pajama bottoms. And pointy shoes. For some reason we hate the pointy shoes most of all. We hate the pointy shoes even more than the sweater wrapped around her hips, and the only reason for wearing a sweater around one’s hips is if one is concerned about being cold later, which is not a problem for movie stars at indoor Chanel events in Dallas.

As usual, Stewart looks completely annoyed to be there.


The Stewart-fronted campaign for the Paris-Dallas collection has already been shot by Karl Lagerfeld, and it is expected to debut in May. When her part in the project was announced, we couldn’t help but remember her recent work for Balenciaga.

The images have not been released yet, but last night I was struck by lightning and now I’m pretty sure I have psychic powers. If I am correct, the Karl Lagerfeld-shot Kristen Stewart ads for Chanel will be in black and white, and she will wear a 90s-style crop top. She will look blank, and her mouth will be slightly open. Now I’m seeing something fuzzy … she will either wear fur, or share the photo shoot with Karl Lagerfeld’s cat, Choupette.

Via Fashion Gone Rogue/Photos Via Getty