kristen stewart in a hat for chanel

Maybe I’m a tiny bit biased, considering I’m a huge enough Kristen Stewart fan to have written impassioned articles about her, but her new ad campaign for Chanel is unbelievably gorgeous. The look seems to be inspired by Revolutionary War-era style, and even though most people thought KStew was an odd choice to represent the brand, she’s pretty much killing it in her frilly collars and shawls. Karl Lagerfeld might be eccentric, but he knows what he’s doing.

Kristen agrees, too. She tells Grazia that Lagerfeld “was born to fulfill the role he does,” and she makes it clear that working with him is every bit as cool as it sounds:

You can really reap the benefits of being around someone who knows so much and is so creative and driven and excited. It shocked me what a well-rounded and talented photographer he is. How truly into it he actually was. Basically and obviously, he is so much more than a fashion designer; he is a true renaissance man, one of the greatest artists of our time.

kristen stewart and karl lagerfeld

That’s made even more obvious when you look at this new shoot. I love the dark blues and reds and off-whites, I love the fringe and the details, I love the complicated cornrow braids. And the idea to turn Kristen into a sexy sultry pirate? That’s something I can seriously get behind. According to her interview with Grazia, Kristen is feeling this look just as much as I am:

Chanel is this quintessentially French brand and they are really pulling from art history and making a cowboy hat which you would never think would ever work for Chanel but they knocked it out! You know, not just chic and elegant and beautiful, which it all is, but it’s also just so cool.

kristen stewart in denim for chanel

My feelings exactly. Chic, elegant, beautiful, cool. I hope this means she’ll be doing more work with Karl in the future, because they’re starting to seem like a match made in heaven. (Also, can we just take a second to appreciate her extra-long, extra-full eyebrows? Look at them. Look at them.)

Via Grazia Daily / Photos: YouTube