Earlier this week, we gushed over Kristen Stewart‘s awesome, sequined jumpsuit at the Cannes premiere of Clouds of Sils Maria, which she had originally paired with with nude pumps that looked lovely, but uncomfortable. Instead of spending the whole night hobbling around unhappily, Stewart changed into a pair of sparkly white Chanel spring 2014 couture sneakers. She opted for a bit of comfort once the hoards of cameras were off, and I love her for it.


Look, the shoes are pretty heinous. That’s not Stewart’s fault–you can blame that on the Chanel team making Coco Chanel have panic attacks in her grave. I really don’t understand why Chanel thought they’d try to get in on the whole normcore thing–it seems completely ill advised and tone deaf. But that’s not the point. I don’t care that these shoes are ugly. Stewart looks awesome wearing them.

It’s a touch of honesty in an industry that would airbrush our eyeball to make us see things differently if it could. The first thing I always wonder about red carpets are whether or not somebody who isn’t Jennifer Lawrence will trip and fall, because the mix of high heels, long dresses, and walking on a carpet seems like a recipe for disaster. The amount of time that stars are expected to stand there in impossibly high heels has always been the thing stopping me from becoming a famous person invited to red carpet events (also, I don’t look like a model and I am not talented), and I always feel so sorry for their poor little ankles.

Seeing an actress be like “screw it, I’m putting on ugly sneakers because heels suck” is fantastic. And it’s why I love Stewart in the first place–she’s not here to placate you. She won’t smile because we all yell it at her, or pretend to be super charming when she’s an introvert. She’s not going to pretend to like her heels just because she’s supposed to, even though we all know how much they suck, and she looks amazing. I think I’m in love.

Photos: Getty Images