Kristen Stewart Harpers Bazaar UK June 2015We know that Kristen Stewart can make anything look cool, whether it is a simple white t-shirt, a tennis dress or even chipped nail polish, but that doesn’t mean we still aren’t wowed when we see new photos of her. Kristen appears on the cover of the June 2015 issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK and she looks beautiful in a pale pink sequined Chanel skirt and top.

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This is not an easy look to pull off. Pale pink paillettes plus a bow neckline is a combination that is best left to Barbie, but Kristen makes it look so cool. This is why she is a Chanel ambassador. She makes everything look edgy even if it is the furthest thing from edgy. Pale pink paillettes and a bow neckline are about as far away from edgy as you can get.

The cover photo was shot by Alexi Lubormirski. Kristen is posing on a sandy beach and giving her best pensive look at the camera. Her short hair is styled in her signature messy bedhead and she’s wearing minimal makeup. The “I don’t care I’m wearing thousands of dollars of Chanel, I’m going to go to the beach anyway” look only adds to the overall appeal of the cover.

Not all of us could  wear coordinating pale pink sequined separates like Kristen, but perhaps the cover will inspire you to rethink pastel pink. It’s perfect for spring and you don’t have to worry about sequin chaffing if you choose a plain pink dress.

Check out Harper’s Bazaar UK to see more.

(Photo: Alexi Lubormirski/Harper’s Bazaar UK)