As you can deduce from the headline, Kristen Stewart wore jeans to a friend’s wedding. The fashion blogosphere–cursed with a slow newsday–was split pretty evenly between outrage (“THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! JEANS AT WEDDING?”) and sarcasm (“Oh, Kristen, you’re soooo laid back, you’re so un-Hollywood, you’re just a tomboy”). Both kind of ignore the fact that she looks great.

We figured the wedding was just a casual affair–and would it really be that much of an insult for a guest to wear jeans with a nice blazer?–but the Daily Mail reports Kristen “forgot” her outfit and had to borrow a Zac Posen cocktail dress (apparently she has fancy friends). At least she remembered a date, boyfriend Robert Pattinson:

Since when is tie-dye acceptable, but not jeans?

(Daily Mail)