Most of the looks at the Cannes Film Festival this year have been pretty standard examples of glamorous beauty. All the actresses look lovely, but that’s to be expected when you put extremely beautiful women in extremely beautiful designer gowns. It’s nice to look at, but not exactly surprising. But leave it to Kristen Stewart to go totally off-book in a sequin jumpsuit and two inches of visible roots at the Cannes Film Festival and somehow look completely amazing.

At last night’s premiere of Clouds of Sils Maria, stewart wore a Chanel “two-piece jumpsuit” in a silvery shade that sparkled like a Twilight vampire. She looked comfortable and wore it well, and we’re finally starting to see why Chanel thought she’d be a good face for the company this season. (Though if anyone else is wondering what a “two-piece jumpsuit” is that is not “pants and a matching shirt,” we are in the same boat.)

Normally nude heels look conservative and boring, but they work here. The monochromatic effect makes her look long and tall, and the way the outfit blurs the lines between red carpet formality and K-Stew-esque casual disaffection makes it an excellent choice for her.

Also, her hair and makeup were spectacular.


The weird, orangey hair color is for a role, but it’s not unflattering, especially when styled in these pretty waves. The shade makes her green eyes pop, and the roots just give her a bit more of that edgy coolness she always seems to be going for. The smoky eye and neutral lip are great on her, and the sweep of blush makes her cheekbones look high and sharp enough to cut diamonds, and that’s always a good thing.

Cannes gowns are fantastic, but K-Stew’s out-of-the-box approach really worked out this time. We never thought a shiny jumpsuit could look this good in a sea of couture dresses.

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