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Okay, deep breath so everyone is up to speed: Kristen Stewart, sweet-and-sour star of the Twilight franchise, cheated on Robert Pattinson, her boyfriend of three years… with Rupert Sanders, director of her star vehichle Snow White and the Huntsman and husband of 00′s model Liberty Ross, with whom he has two children. Oh, and the whole thing is probably a publicity stunt, if not certainly a media frenzy.

So, online apparel store Skreened–which specializes in twee shirts that teenagers wear–has decided to capitalize on the sudden outpouring of hatred toward Stewart. Hence:


And let’s not forget…

Yes, for just $20.99, you can declare your dim understanding of human behavior to the world. We’re not entirely sure who the market is for these–outraged teen girls who feel like Stewart owes them their sparkly Mormon vampire fairy tale or urban ironists who’ve not so much as seen the movie–but either way… eh.

For what it’s worth, the Facebook comments on the site skew mostly toward a different kind of outrage: “I saw this on AOL news & seriously, this is just disgusting. Way to promote bullying! People really need to get a life” and “This is so mean.”