Kristen Stewart Vanity Fair France Cover 2014You don’t need to speak one word of French to know that Kristen Stewart looks stunning on the cover of the September 2014 issue of Vanity Fair France. We haven’t seen nearly enough of Kristen in the past few years, save for her awesome grocery store chic photo shoot and the time she wore a mustache in a Jenny Lewis video, so it is nice to see her face (without facial hair) gracing the news stands again.Kristen Stewart Vanity Fair Fance Shadow Black Gown

The photographs were shot by Sebastian Kim and show Kristen wearing lots of Chanel and showing off her reddish short haircut–which we really haven’t had a chance to admire properly. It seems like she’s grown into the shorter ‘do very nicely. In the shoot, her hair is styled a few different ways. She plays around with various windswept looks. In one shot, she tries a voluminous Teddy Boy-eque pompadour that contrasts nicely with all of the sparkly couture dresses Kristen is wearing.

Kristen Stewart Vanity Fair Fance Shadow Gown

Kristen tries out some very feminine pieces that are different to her usual sneakers-and-gowns style, but she looks gorgeous in them, of course. I don’t think we have ever seen her in sky blue before but it works with her pale complexion and her new hair color. She also makes a strong case for embellished turtlenecks–a piece that I think is lacking from most of our wardrobes.Kristen Stewart Vanity Fair Fance Sparkles

I doubt Kristen will trade in her usual tomboy style for this ultra-glam disco ball look, but it’s nice to see a different side of her. And maybe she will take a few ideas from the shoot? (She did wear that sparkly jumpsuit to Cannes.) Perhaps she’ll ditch the sneakers and go barefoot at her next red carpet appearance?

To see more photos and read Kristen’s interview, check out Vanity Fair France.

(Photos: Vanity Fair France/Sebastian Kim)