Sideboobs, sideboobs, sideboobs everywhere! If you’re not showing some sideboob action, you are not in style. Or at least this appears to be the case. That’s right, pull at whatever you’re wearing at the moment, and show some sideboob, ladies.

On the cover of next month’s Marie Claire, the divinely funny and newly dark-haired Kristen Wiig, joins the whole sideboob club, too. Although her sideboob is the inside of her boob it still counts, because it’s still the side of her breast and we can see it — therefore, sideboob!

In the issue, Wiig talks about her decision to move on from Saturday Night Live and just how tough that last night was for her: “It was very emotional. I just wanted to get through it without breaking down in every sketch. Because nothing says comedy like breaking down.” She also opens up about her relationship with Strokes’ drummer Fabrizio Moretti: “I will say that I’m happier than I’ve ever been, and I feel very lucky right now.”

Sideboob, a rockstar boyfriend, donning a Tom Ford suit on the cover of the magazine, and endless opportunities ahead? Yeah, the lady is really lucky — and looks absolutely amazing as a brunette.

Photos: Marie Claire