Screening Of IFC's "The Spoils Of Babylon" - Arrivals

Kristin Wiig rolled up to a screening for The Spoils Of Babylon last night wearing everyone’s favorite dress, most recently seen on Zooey Deschanel on the February cover of Elle. In the debacle that was the February Elle covers, the Valentino Spring 2014 dress was the only real high point. Seeking knock offs immediately, for a friend.

I love Wiig and find it hard to criticize anything she ever does, but despite being completely enamored of her and the dress, I think the whole look fell a bit flat. I’m not sure where things went wrong, and she certainly doesn’t look bad, but everything just seems a bit boring.

zooey deschanel elle cover

Maybe it’s because I’m simply used to seeing the dress with slightly unruly hair (Deschanel’s Elle cover clearly left an imprint) but it seems like her glossy, side parted, stick straight bob could have offered more. It seems like Wiig’s stylist depended wholly on the dress to carry the outfit, and to borrow a phrase from every reality show based around fashion ever, the dress is wearing Wiig and not the other way around.

Screening Of IFC's "The Spoils Of Babylon" - Arrivals

On the plus side, it was a welcome surprise to see the dress worn by someone with fully formed knees, as Deschanel’s were sadly lost to a photoshop accident. I do think, however, that despite Wiig’s excellent human knee-game, she should have gone with different shoes. Cutting her leg off like that throws off the whole balance here, and it makes the proportions all wonky.

Wiig looks perfectly lovely, and the dress is a departure from her usual fare (what is it about January and people just really going for it?). I want to like it, but it’s just not happening. The most telling thing is that Wiig doesn’t look particularly comfortable, and although I’ve always wondered how on earth anyone manages to look comfortable on a red carpet, it’s really the only thing that matters when pulling off a bold look like this one.

Photos: Getty Images, Elle