Apple Stores Mark Earth Day, Day After Announcing New Green Initiative

I’ve never tried using Tinder myself, but from looking over my friends’ shoulders as they make snap judgments about strangers and randos on their iPhones, I can say with total confidence that it’s not for me. First of all, there’s way too much pressure involved. What if you absentmindedly swipe left when you didn’t intend to and you lose your potential soul mate due to overeager thumbing? Second of all, it’s kind of creepy. Like bringing those weird dudes who hit on you in bars into your home. Into your phone. Into your palm. I’m not saying it’s a bad idea for other, more reasonable people to use dating apps, I’m just saying that Tinder in particular stresses me out. That’s why I’m super pumped that someone found a way to erase all the ickiness from Tinder– while still keeping the fun parts intact– and create an app I can actually get behind. It’s called Kwoller, and it’s like speed dating for clothes.

The basic idea behind Kwoller is that you’re rating women’s fashion on a yes-or-no (they show you a handbag and if you’d buy it, you swipe right) and then the app uses your preferences to create a personalized shopping guide to help you get the look. You get push notifications when an item you like goes on sale or becomes available somewhere cheap. You can collect pictures of things you’re interested in, but rather than having to search for them (like you would if you saw them on Tumblr or Pinterest), Kwoller shows you how to buy them, right then and there. The app even learns about your style from seeing what you do and don’t like, and it eventually understands to only show you things you’d actually want to buy. Pretty sweet.

It looks like online shopping just keeps getting easier and easier, and who knows? Maybe the time you save from using Kwoller instead of restlessly searching the Forever 21 website will free up your schedule for more Tinder dates.

Via Techcrunch / Photo: Getty Images