Kylie Jenner Signature Sinful Color Official Launch Party

(Photo: FayesVision/

Despite Kanye West‘s protestationsKylie Jenner‘s partnership with Puma is moving forward. And, now that it’s been confirmed and dealt with and Kanye’s moved on to more pressing subjects such as Deadmau5 and his mouse helmet, Kylie’s been hard at work on the campaign, and today, she let us in on some behind-the-scenes action on her Snapchat.

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The snaps didn’t give away too much. In them she’s rocking some of Puma’s activewear, a long wig, and she’s just generally looking sporty AF:

kylie snapchat 1

From far away, it’s tough to tell whether or not she’s gone makeup-free, but, at the very least, she’s wearing lighter, more natural makeup. There’s also the somewhat subtle implication that Kylie has designed a shoe for the brand. After all, it’s the only part of her outfit that the snaps aren’t showing off:

kylie snapchat 2

And then, of course there’s the very not-so-subtle covering-up of the shoes Kylie’s wearing in this particular snap:

kylie snapchat 3

After Rihanna‘s creepers for Puma, we were under the impression that the brand wasn’t going to be coming out with another shoe with a celebrity. Were we wrong? Was Puma just being sneaky? Only time will tell! Also, is anyone else mildly disturbed by how shiny Kylie looks here?

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Kylie also released some videos to go along with snaps that show her #werking it:

Personally, though, I’m more excited about her second video, in which we actually get a sneak peek at some of the campaign’s final shots!

So, what can we expect when April heralds the launch of Kylie’s campaign for Puma? Some thoughts: 1) a new Kylie Jenner sneaker, 2) a new Kylie Jenner activewear line, and 3) that’s it. Until then, I guess we’ll just have to keep watching Kylie’s Snapchat to learn more.

(Photos: Instagram/Kylie Jenner Snapchats)