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Quick poll: does Kylie Jenner sleep? Between constantly re-stocking and creating new Lip Kit shades, her new SinfulColors collaboration, and launching an apparently addictive iPhone game with Kendall Jenner, she can’t possibly have the time. Maybe she sleeps with her eyes open? Do you think she was sleeping while she shooting her Puma campaign? It didn’t seem like from the behind-the-scenes photos. But you know? Let’s take a look at the campaign because A) it’s finally out, and B) I’m really concerned about Kylie Jenner’s sleeping habits. 

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Kylie shared the first photo from the campaign yesterday on her Instagram, and it shows off the sports bra and running tights we saw in the behind-the-scenes shots, as well as the sneakers that were so craftily hidden from view until this very moment:

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The caption reads,

“Excited to reveal my campaign for the @PUMA Fierce, a lightweight trainer with zero excuses, available starting 4/1 on, PUMA retail stores, and select retailers worldwide. The next level starts here #ForeverFierce”

Okay, so I’d put money on the fact that Puma wrote out that exactly copy for her to use in the caption, but still. LOOK AT THOSE SHOES! I seriously think those could give Kanye West‘s Yeezy Boosts a run (no pun intended) for their ridiculously high price tag money.

Puma shared another photo from the campaign that shows Kylie getting her sweat on (probably):

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That medicine ball technique, though. Quick q for all the legit athletes out there: is that style of sneaker actually comfortable? I mean, it can’t feel good to have the tongue of your shoe a quarter of the way up your shin when you’re running, can it?

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Regardless, I’m really excited to see more of this campaign! I’m more than a little disappointed that Kylie didn’t design a sneaker for Puma (god, can you imagine the Twitter rant Kanye would go off on if she had?), but she’s completely slaying Puma’s spring activewear line. New dream campaign: Kylie and Ashley Graham modeling a size-inclusive line of activewear, since we already know that Ashley can kill that game, among others. Is it an unrealistic dream? Sure. Am I still going to write strongly-worded letters to both Kylie and Ashley’s people? You bet I am. What else am I supposed to do in my free time?

The new PUMA Fierce sneakers will be available on and in retail stores on April 1.