It looks like Lady Gaga is not just metaphorically “stealing” from Madonna and Leigh Bowery anymore. She is literally stealing from Japanese tsunami victims!

Okay, so probably not. But according to the totally legit-sounding 1-800-LAW-FIRM, the bracelets she’s selling to benefit earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan  are not totally on the up and up. In a class action lawsuit on behalf of…they don’t say, exactly…the Detroit firm is alleging that “Shady Gaga” (good one, guys) artificially inflated the bracelets’ shipping costs and pocketed the difference, as well as charging “tax” (from which charitable donations are supposed to be exempt) and pocketing that, too. Oh dear.

Now, I’m not saying a celebrity has never scammed people for money before, but I find it hard to believe that Lady Gaga could find time in her busy schedule of hanging with Lagerfeld and incubating in her egg to intentionally scam people under the guise of helping a country she seems to genuinely love. It’s not like she’s hurting for funds. I think it’s more likely that she delegated the task to a low-level peon, who managed to somehow fuck it up. Someone is about to get so totally fired.

There is also the very real possibility that 1-800-LAW-FIRM is attempting some sort of viral promo for itself, as those daytime TV ads just aren’t bringing in the revenue like they used to. I’m sure it will all be cleared up soon.

(Via Styleite)