Lady Gaga arrives at the Ritz Carlton Berlin, Oct 23 2013

Lady Gaga arrives at the Ritz Carlton Berlin, Oct 23 2013

As longtime readers know, we have a pretty steady policy around here that celebrities in civilian dress don’t get any shit about what they’re wearing. Red carpet is a spectator sport, an event, people prepare for it and every detail is considered–whether or not viewers and critics like it is practically incidental. Off the red carpet, though, we try to treat celebrities like humans and–although we’re not going to congratulate ourselves for simply not being monsters–it’s worth pointing out that this is a policy. Because it isn’t at some blogs.

…And, because sometimes the policy must be set aside. As it is in the case of Lady Gaga, who arrived at Berlin’s Tegel Airport yesterday (and subsequently arrived at her hotel, the Ritz Carlton) dressed like Little Bo Beep on acid in towering platforms and a massive bouffant wig:

Lady Gaga arriving at the luxury hotel Ritz Carlton in Berlin.

We set aside the policy because this, of course, isn’t civilian dress.–it’s performance. While we’re steadfast in our refusal to call it performance art, we’ll still grant that sometimes! the! Koons! is! her! 

Here’s a back view:

Arrival of Lady Gaga at the Riz Carlton

Oh, and because no detail is too unnecessary, there were also some flowers woven around the wig for good measure:

lady gaga berlin tegel

What would Gaga dress like on a desert island?

(All photos via Wenn)