Lady Gaga has made no secret in the past of her love of Mary Jane, but last night she took their relationship to the next level…by dressing up as her for Halloween. This being Lady Gaga, though, she was not content to be just a single sweet nug, but “weed” in its entirety. As in weed the drug, as in all weed everywhere: past, present, future, imaginary, physical, and metaphysical.

And why would Lady Gaga just be “weed the drug” when she could be a sexy version of “weed the drug”?! I realize some people might think that’s redundant, but Lady Gaga can do as she likes.

As you can see, Gaga’s version of weed is an anthropomorphic representation right up there with Artemis and Aphrodite, a shining goddess arrayed all in green, complete with pot-leaf pasties and the fattest, stankiest blunt you’re ever seen dangling from her pouty lips. She topped off the look with a glorious ganja crown and an authentic expression of stoned-ness.

Unwavering in its commitment to the costume, Gaga’s face stayed that way all night, even when meeting the Republican candidate for President:

I’m afraid Mr. Romney has some serious splainin’ to do.

(Via Buzzfeed)

Photos: LittleMonsters