Lady Gaga on the cover of Candy Magazine.

Image: Candy Magazine

Lady Gaga is all sorts of naked on the cover of Candy. If you check out the full image here, you can see all the varieties of naked that she is! She’s “scary naked,” what with the scorpion she has on her left boob; she’s “au natural” naked, what with the rad pubic hair thing she’s got going on; she’s “peculiar naked,” what with that Dali-esque mustache and unevenly arched eyebrows.

I like that Gaga chose to wear her pubic hair natural. Obviously, it’s a personal choice to groom yourself however you please, but given the Brazilian wax craze that, while waning, is still quite big in our culture, it’s nice to see a woman model something other than a small strip or just plain nada. Overall, I’m pretty into this cover–except the eyebrows, seriously. That would drive me nuts.

Obviously, there are people who have rather awful things to say about this, such as Lex at WWTDD, who called his (or her) piece, “Lady Gaga Naked To Celebrate Take Your Tranny To Work Day.” An excerpt:

Lady Gaga has taken a lot of garbage about her being a secret dude. Which if you knew how hard she worked to keep her man junk tucked behind her clamped legs, you’d realize is pretty damn disrespectful. To embrace the trash talk, Lady Gaga drew a mustache on her face, let her beaver grow out, and put a scorpion on her tit for the tranny culture magazine, Candy. There’s a lot you can take away from this provocative photo. What struck me is how I really need to stop thinking that there’s no possible way Lady Gaga could make herself less attractive.

First of all, dumbass Urban Outfitter shoppers have been drawing fake mustaches on themselves for ages. Second, the term “tranny” is offensive and derogatory, but I’m going to guess this wasn’t exactly at the forefront of the writer/Intern rando’s brain. Third, how is letting your pubic hair grow out a sign that you are male? Literally, biologically, women have evolved with pubic hair, so I’m not quite getting how it makes you not a woman.

Is it weird that this cover, for the first time since the chicken nugget incident, makes me more down with Gaga and her style choices (i.e. the ones chosen by others that she merely agrees to)? What with the slightly-less-horrifying fake teeth fiasco and the Little Bo Peep public sheepherding sesh, I was really starting to get nervous when clicking on a link about Gaga.

Lady Gaga is such a peculiar, fascinating type of celebrity to me because on the one hand, she’s easily one of the least relatable people in pop culture right now. Not only does she cover the “not average” basics–she’s unbelievably wealthy, famous, and has fan bases on virtually every continent–but she’s also just pretty weird in general. And then she has these moments wherein she seems truly vulnerable and genuine, and it’s hard not to see her as a fairly normal person who just happens to occasionally create garments that fly.

Marilyn Manson also has a cover for Candy, so be sure to check that out, too! Side note: Am I the only one who’s mildly surprised Gaga and Manson haven’t, at some point, created an incredibly weird video together?

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